About Me

Hi, there! Welcome to The Right Crust! Thank you for visiting my site. I created this page to tell you a little bit more about myself and how I started The Right Crust.

I haven’t always been as involved in cooking, especially pizza, as I am now. In fact, I began my adult life having very little cooking knowledge or skill. While growing up, I never really learned how to prepare much more than scrambled eggs. This lack of experience and skill continued throughout college until I started medical school. However, when I entered medical school, I no longer had a cafeteria to prepare all of my meals. I had an apartment with a kitchen and grocery store across the street. So, my culinary journey began not by choice but by necessity.

As soon as I began preparing my own food, I instantly enjoyed it. I was amazed by how tasty my homemade food could be despite being a novice. I learned that as long as I could follow a recipe I could make great food. That is not to say that there were several times that the food I made was completely inedible for whatever reason. With each failure and each success, I learned new skills and gained much needed experience. Not only did I learn new cooking techniques and how to use different ingredients, I also began to gravitate towards a culinary specialty. For me, that specialty happened to be pizza.

I remember my first homemade pizza. It wasn’t good at all. In fact, it was an abomination. I bought a can of Pillsbury pizza dough, managed to make something resembling a pizza, and then I completely destroyed it trying to get it onto my pizza stone for the first time.  Despite looking like a mass of cooked pizza ingredients, the pizza didn’t taste half bad. Although this first experience was less than encouraging, I was excited to continue to learn how to make great pizza at home.

Undeterred by my first experience making pizza at home, I began to read everything I could find about the art and science of making great pizza. I learned about all of the various equipment I would need (not much it turns out) and how to handle dough and bake pizza in general. Through many cycles of trial and error, I slowly improved, which brings us to the present today.

I started The Right Crust not only to help me continue the process of learning about pizza but to also share my journey and knowledge that I have gained with other people who are looking to make great pizza at home. I hope that together we can all learn more about this wonderful food and teach others who crave great pizza but don’t know where to start.